How to Create Awesome PowerPoint Presentations

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Course Description

How can we prepare awesome presentations in a short time?

Preparing a presentation can often cause serious headaches. It is a fact that we have difficulty in every pitch experience we want to impress the audience. How can colors, fonts, images or animations be adjusted better and faster? This course is designed for those who want to explore the most effective methods and quickly create impressive PowerPoint presentations.

I have compiled the experience I have gained from presentations for the education, business and entrepreneurship as a professional for more than 10 years. My presentations made me win awards in my work and competitions. Many startups that I mentored succeeded by making presentations to investors. With this course you will be able to prepare your own signature presentations. With your own colors, modern font and lean appearance, you'll start to impress the audience. You will discover the most effective methods of success. You will find all the tools and tricks necessary for an impressive presentation.

After finishing the course, you can complete your presentation in a short time with the “Draft” file that you can download with the course or create your dream template from scratch. (Draft file is an animation ready presentation template which has 15 unique slides)

What will you find in this course?

You will find manuals on crucial content in the downloadable content section. You can see which lectures have a manual in the introduction. These manuals are created to be a reference guide for you on critical issues. Instead of re-watching an entire lecture where you have an issue with, you'll quickly remember the subject by browsing through these manuals.

In addition, I have prepared 4 different practice files enable you to work on real data. It will be very easy to repeat the subject with those practice files.

As I knew the difficulty of following and trying to understand the content at the same time, I took care to speak as slowly as possible and to repeat the tools I used several times. The language of the training is English, by opening the subtitle, you can prevent possible misunderstandings from the beginning.

There are review lectures at the end of each chapter. We will try to reinforce all the topics we have discussed throughout the chapter with review lectures. We will also see how the tools are implemented on a real presentation through a case discussed for each review lecture.

You can also download the “Icon Set” file including more than 40 editable icons and see how to use the icons in your presentations in “Lecture # 13 Icons ”. The Icon Set file is constantly updated and the number of icons increases. Don't forget to follow the updates. In downloadable content of “Lecture # 6” you will find the “Find your color” file. With this file you will be able to get the most appropriate color template for your presentation theme in seconds.

Chapter Descriptions

This course has 4 different chapters:

  • Chapter #1 Hints & Tips

  • Chapter #2 Outsources

  • Chapter #3 In-sources

  • Chapter #4 Animated slides

The “Hints & Tips” chapter of the course has been compiled with the experience I have gained for more than 10 years of pitching. This chapter lists what you need to know and pay attention to when preparing a presentation.

In the second chapter of the course, the “Outsources” chapter explored in detail the valuable resources on the internet and explained how to apply them to our presentations. With the content described in this chapter, our presentations will start to differentiate. You will be able to use these new tools we have discovered in your life, besides preparing presentations. All lectures were explained comparatively with the examples. Thus, you will be able to understand how effective the tools are.

In the third chapter(Insources) we will learn the PowerPoint tools we need to prepare an impressive presentation. Including tools:

  • Master slide

  • Shapes (including specilazied shapes)

  • Charts (including specialized charts)

  • Icons (including Icon Set)

  • Picture frames

  • Shades and more

We will get unique versions by customizing and using all the tools we will use. These new, unique tools will make our presentations much more modern and engaging. In addition, new lectures will be added to this chapter with your comments and requests in the future.

In the fourth chapter(Animated slides), we will explore all the tools that make presentation files animated. We will learn the animations and slide transitions tools and apply them to our presentations. So our unique presentations will be even more impressive. In the review lecture at the end of the fourth chapter, we will edit the "Draft" file that you can download with the course and add animations to all slides.

Thus, we will have the chance to apply all the tools we discovered. The draft file you download is completely editable and the animations are ready for you. It will take a little time to prepare your presentation by going through the "Draft" file.

Reminder: You can aware about updates and additions by following the course announcements. You can reach me whenever you need for any question.

PS: I designed this course to accelerate works for those who want to impress the audience but struggle with creating PowerPoint presentations. Whether you are working as a white-collar employee in a corporate world, a student or an entrepreneur this course will match your expectations. No matter which level you are, the course is designed for all level PowerPoint user.

Feel free to watch the example videos. I’ll be happy to see you inside.

Downloadable Content:

  • 10 Manuals to remind you crucial content

  • Fully editable Icon Set including 40+ different icons

  • Ready to go presentation file (Draft) in 16:9 screen format

  • Find Your Color file including 7 different color schemes

  • 4 practice files including raw data with their solutions

Key Factors:

  • 26 Lectures and 44 videos under 4 different chapters in total

  • Lectures about fundamentals of presentation and common mistakes on the stage

  • Quick review and application with 3 review lectures

  • 17 different downloadable content in total

  • Draft file in 16: 9 screen format for quick editing

  • Continuously updated icon file with more than 40 icons

Expected Outcomes

  1. At the end of this course, students will be able to create unique shapes and specialized charts
  2. By learning how to create a unique presentation template, students can prepare "signature" presentations
  3. At the end of this course, students will be able to create their own PowerPoint templates.
  4. At the end of this course, students will be able to apply RGB codes to their presentations
  5. Students will learn beneficial tips including fundamentals of creating presentations
  6. Students will learn many different outsourced tools to use in providing contents for their presentations
  7. By using animation & slide transition tools, students will start to create animated slides