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Have you ever sat through a presentation that seemed to slog on and on?

Presenters that are disorganized, dwell on trivial information and give long winded explanations that lead nowhere?

Don’t you wish that you could change channels or leave the room?

Don’t be one of those presenters

If you’re reading this you probably wish that you could learn how to build killer PowerPoint and keynote decks that get people to buy your product – take action on a project – or persuade the audience to your viewpoint.

If that’s why you’re watching then this is the course for you.

I’ve spent the last 15 years developing presentations that have received standing ovations and tens of thousands of views on Slideshare the next day.

I am going to teach you my tricks and I’ve asked 20 of the leading experts in the field to weigh in as well.

For those of you in a rush and want to learn how to create a killer presentation in an hour – just skip to that course and watch me first hand create a powerful, presentation in one hour.

It may not become a viral video on Slideshare, but it will give you a winning presentation when you don’t have 30-40 hours to spare.

Bottom line – by taking this course you’ll create powerful presentations that will further every aspect of your career that involves persuading people to act offline and online.

BTW: As a bonus for participating, I am going to give you a presentation template that went viral on Slideshare and around the web. It’s an Angry Birds template that you can use royalty free. The value alone on this is $10,000 as I spent over 200 hours creating it.

So are you ready? Let’s get started.

Expected Outcomes

  1. The actual PowerPoint presentation techniques I use that generate huge audience buzz and generate 1000s of leads
  2. An Animated Angry Bird PowerPoint Presentation template that you are free to edit and use (it’s worth well over $10,000)
  3. A one hour blueprint that you can use to create amazing presentations in one hour
  4. Quickly build presentation that influence people
  5. Learn how the top 20 PowerPoint presentation Experts do it
  6. Turn every presentation into a lead generation machine
  7. How to build presentation so that they unfold like a Hollywood movie
  8. Learn the 5 Golden Rules for PowerPoint Presentation Success
  9. Learn the 4 Deadly PowerPoint sins and why you need to stop doing them now
  10. Where to find high quality, royalty free images