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The Shuffle / Running Man is one of the most important move you will master because it is the foundation for many other hip hop moves. Learn and master this dance move in this 9 lesson comprehensive course.

Layers Upon Layers

In this course, you will learn that a proper shuffle / running man is not just a simple running moment but layers upon layers of moves. Ceech will teach you this move progressively by starting with a simple jumping jack; slowly, he will make minor adjustments to incorporate knee raises, doubling, arm variations, and free style combos. Most importantly, Ceech will teach you how to stay on beat. By the end of the course, you will learn to incorporate all of these layers of moves together.

Repetition is Key

The more you practice, the more natural you will look. The course is designed for you to practice each lesson multiple times.

Explanation Videos & Exercise Videos

With over 20 years of teaching experience, Ceech explains the key elements of each exercise video as well as many potential pitfalls and/or mistakes that most beginning students might make. You will watch each explanation video before watching and practicing to its respective exercise video.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Execute a proper “shuffle” or “running man” dance move on the dance floor.
  2. Use the “chunking” method to help you learn this dance. Strengthen your rhythm.
  3. Enjoy a fun aerobic workout while learning one of the most important hip hop dance move.