How to Develop Self-Control - Today!

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Course Description

This is a no nonsense, practical, nuts and bolts course designed for anyone who is ready to focus on developing their self-control.

Taught by Ed Kreiner, a Life Coach and Pastor of forty years, this course highlights simple practices rather than theory.

Many of us become careless of our words, our emotional outbursts or the moodiness that has incrementally crept into our lives. We wonder how to change or if change is even possible. Yes it is!

And any development you acquire in the area of self-control will benefit your entire life; how you work, speak, promise, and respond.

The four practices work! The question is, will you work them? If so, you will be launched into a new orbit of personal relationships and productivity.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Implement four simple disciplines that will immediately affect your ability to experience self-control regularly.
  2. Recognize and appreciate the two methods of self-control development: Inside-out and Outside-in.
  3. Regain trust in your relationships that have been damaged by broken promises.
  4. Choose to order the events in your life.
  5. Establish a foolproof way to stop "knee-jerk" reactions and make considerate responses to the issues that bug you.
  6. Capture the spiritual energy in your life to launch you forward in character building and self-control development.