How To Film High-End Weddings From Start To Finish

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Course Description

As wedding filmmakers we have one of the most important roles during a client's wedding. We are tasked with capturing some of the most important memories of their lives.

This course is for video creators new to filming weddings and wedding photographers that want to add wedding filmmaking to their portfolio.

There are so many different elements to what we do from pre-production, to client management, and of course filming. My goal is to teach you not only how to organize your day but also how to be a master observer so that your wedding film is filled with amazing memories for your client.

I’ve seen so many courses out there that are geared towards mid-level wedding filmmakers to help them land luxury weddings. But what about the video creators that have yet to film an event? Well, this is the course for them/you! I didn’t hold anything back, from the gear I use to film an event, to the type of b-roll shots I get, and all of the strategies I use for filming the couple's big day from start to finish.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Wedding Filmmaking.