How to Get Into a Doctoral Program

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Course Description

Are you ready to take the next awesome step in your academic endeavors? I'm so excited that you are considering applying to doctoral programs, and would love to be part of your success story! Earning a doctorate degree is one of the most rewarding experiences that we can ever accomplish, and in this course you'll learn all about what's required for the early stages of the doctoral program applications process.

And while it is extremely rewarding, getting into a doctoral program is one of the most difficult academic challenges that we can face.

I am a firm believer that, unfortunately, thousands of doctoral program applicants are denied entrance each year simply because they are unsure of how to prepare for and deliver a strong application. Regrettably, many applicants who are denied entrance are actually better qualified than others who are accepted. They just need a little help through the process. That's where I can help you.

Don't make the application process any more difficult than it has to be. Enroll in the course to save yourself hundreds of hours of learning from your own mistakes, and learn how to present a competitive application!

I have coached dozens of doctoral students, sat on dissertation committees, written letters of recommendation, and published research even before I entered my doctoral program at DePaul University. And now I'm sharing my knowledge and resources to get you into the program that you want and deserve.


This course introduces students to some of the most important aspects of successfully applying and getting into doctoral programs. For each of the application processes and materials covered in the course, students will learn what is required, how to prepare, and how to stay on track with the application timeline.

The three distinct sessions of the course include include:

  1. Part 1

    1. Application Timeline

    2. Identifying programs to apply to

      1. What type of programs?

      2. How many programs?

      3. Financial considerations of applications

      4. Other considerations of applications

    3. Homework Assignment

  2. Part 2

    1. Where to get information

    2. Application materials

      1. Exams

      2. Transcripts

      3. Letters

      4. Writing Samples

      5. Research Statement

    3. Process recommendations

  3. Part 3

    1. Your GPA

    2. Your Standardized Tests

      1. GMAT, LSAT, TOEFL

      2. GRE

      3. FAQs

      4. Preparing and studying

      5. Resources for success


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  • The lecture was easy to be understood by novice researchers. Good points were given. The instructor seems to be really concerned about the progress of his students and it can be felt while he simplifies topics that are tough. I learned so much from this course. Dr. Bottom deserves a commendation for a great lecture. I hope I can still hear more from him, soon. Sending all my commendations for a great learning experience all the way from the Philippines.

  • It was more than amazing. quite a great way to teach a beginner like me. God bless you

  • So helpful and simply discussed , thanks alot Dr. Todd.

  • The explanation is very straight forward and simple.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Key Strategies and Insight for Applying and Getting Into Doctoral Programs