How to Get the Job You Want: Resumes, Interviews, LinkedIn..

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Course Description

Do you want to make more money, impress everyone you interview or network with, and ultimately reach your career goals faster? This course is the answer. Proven skills to build your personal brand, master your first impression, network, interview, and accelerate your career

Made To Hire: Market Yourself for the Career You Want takes all the tips and tools it takes most people years to learn and condenses them so you become an expert at building your personal brand, landing your dream job, and accelerating your career

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to learn everything you need to know to catapult your career including:

  • how to make the best first impression

  • how to tell your story most effectively

  • how to develop tools far beyond just a resume

  • how you really need to handle networking situations

  • how to actually get called for an interview

  • how to ace an interview

  • how to negotiate a job offer

  • how to fast track your career after you get the job you want

  • and much more!

I've spent the past two decades working with some of the largest brands in the world in the field of marketing strategy and business development. I also teach masters degree level business and personal marketing and am the author of the career coaching book called “Made to Hire: Market Yourself for the Career You Want”.

This course, which includes 30 short videos, will be one of the most impactful investments you’ll ever make, plus you have lifetime access! I wish you the best in developing your number 1 tool, yourself.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to set professional goals and tell your story effectively
  2. How to master all aspects of your first impression, whether it be in person, via email or phone, or even on your social media
  3. How to network like a pro, find mentors who can help guide you, and turn your connections into resume builders
  4. How to get the interview, prepare for the interview, create a portfolio that is proven to impress a hiring manager, and ace the interview
  5. How to accelerate your career after you're hired and transition into leadership positions