How to Get the Most out of Feedback

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Course Description

Receiving feedback can often be a confusing, frustrating, terrifying, or confidence-shaking experience. Job appraisals, essay comments, tips on how to improve our cooking... can all evoke a sense of uncertainty, incompetence, and fear. These, in turn, lead us to despair or defensive strategies, neither of which help us grow.

This course will place feedback in a completely new light and demonstrate how to turn any comments into a mighty tool that can help you progress personally, academically, and professionally. You will learn about what counts as helpful feedback, how to seek it, how to assess any feedback you receive, and how to make feedback a natural part of your growth patterns. You will discover the joy of making even the most critical comments work to your benefit.

Expected Outcomes

  1. A framework for assessing feedback they receive
  2. A renewed appreciation for feedback
  3. Skills relevant in personal growth, academic progress and professional development
  4. Tips for asking the right questions to receive helpful feedback