How to Love Your Voice (by Top Voice Coach Lorna Earnshaw)

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Course Description

- Analyze your voice in a positive way to appreciate it and start loving it. Stop being ashamed of it or preventing yourself from using it on things that matter (like shooting videos or learning to sing).

- How to sound confident and authoritative.

- Why you don't sound the way you'd like to and what are the exercises to fix the most common complains like childish voice, weak voice, nasal, monotone and hoarseness.

- ONE COMPLETE VOCAL ROUTINE: breathing, diction, projection and tone exercises to improve the use of your voice. These exercises show immediate results!

- Anti-Stage Fright Meditation and Vocal Warm-up

Optional: Voice evaluation> An option to receive a private evaluation of your voice. You send a recording and I send back the analysis and personalized advice on what exercises you need to focus on.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Vocal Technique and Tips on How to Improve your Speaking and/or Speaking Voice
  2. Voice Exercises for Speakers
  3. Voice Exercises for Singers
  4. How to feel confident about your voice
  5. How to correct voice issues or aspects you dislike about your voice