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Course Description

5 Reasons why you should create a custom business email address

1. Give The Right First Impression

A branded email shows the world your company is established and professional. A generic email may project inexperience – or even worse, raise doubts on whether you’re a real company at all. But when you use a branded email, your audience feels you’re here to stay and serious about your business.

2. Create A “Bigger” Image

A generic email address can convey that your business is new, or small, or part time. Having a branded email creates a more “corporate image” and can help prevent awkward situations where potential clients may not want to compensate you as fairly. Additionally, setting up multiple email addresses for different segments of your business (e.g., [email protected] [email protected], [email protected], etc.), will support that established, professional image you need.

3. Build Credibility And Trust

Unfortunately, scam artists do exist, so many consumers won’t be comfortable emailing personal information to [email protected] But when you have a branded email address, you’re providing a sense of security and reassurance to your customers that your business is legitimate.

4. When Someone Leaves Your Company, You Keep Control

What happens when your marketing manager leaves, taking her personal email with her? If she was using it to conduct business for your organization, you won’t be able to access those emails.

On the other hand, if you set up an account under her name, you can redirect those emails to go to your newly hired marketing manager. Or, you could create a generic email for certain roles, like [email protected] so that the new hire just takes over management of that account. They would just need to change the display name to their own.

5. Promote Brand Awareness

Have you ever seen someone’s email address on a business card and looked up the website because you were curious? That doesn’t happen with free email addresses. But, if you use your domain in your website, you’re getting your brand in front of more eyeballs.

That email address should appear in each employee’s email signature, as well as on business cards and marketing materials. Every place you have that branded email address is one more opportunity to attract new business!

In this course you will learn to create a free custom email id with two methods

  1. By Gmail for business(Gsuite) which is a paid service.

  2. Free method where you can create and use the Email Hosting with lifetime Validity.

This Course is a Step-By-Step Video Tutorials that will show you

  • How To Create and Manage your own Custom Domain Email Address for FREE (e.g [email protected]).

  • You can use the Custom Domain Email Address to receive mails from your partners, prospects,clients, etc.

  • Any mail you receive through your Custom Domain Email Address can be forwarded instantly to your personal email address, e.g, your Gmail, such that all the emails sent to your Custom Email Address ([email protected]) are also copied to your personal email address.

  • All these and many more...

Expected Outcomes

  1. Creating personalised email addresses for your team like ([email protected] (dot) com)
  2. Learn to create a custom Email in GMail for Business with 14 day Trial.
  3. Free custom Email id for lifetime with 5GB of space for Email Hosting.
  4. Automatic forwarding of incoming mails to their personal email addresses (e.g, [email protected])