How To Pay A Whole Lot Less For College

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Course Description

How To Pay A Whole Lot Less For College goes a giant step further than the usual "paying for college" course: you learn how to pay a whole lot less. Getting more than you expect is the proven bonus feature of this course. Take this course so you can afford college without taking loans or going broke. The course is structured to allow you to jump around the different topics without the necessity of following a logical sequence. It's like overturning rocks at random and finding something of real value under each one. Topics are not dependent on each other like links in a chain. Like a valuable life-lesson, each can easily stand alone. Because each person's learning patterns are different, you can restrict yourself to the audio or to available pdf versions of the videos. Along with a mixture of undistracting humor in the videos, you can take a quiz after each section to spice up and validate what you have learned.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Use 12 proven strategies which any family can use to reduce expected college costs by at least $30,000, as well as how to pay half-price or less.