How To Perform Umrah - Learn Complete UMRAH - ISLAM QURAN

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Course Description

How To Perform Umrah Video Course Umrah is one of the most blessed and life changing , peace for soul journey of a muslims life. It is a great blessing from ALLAH to get to visit MAKKAH and MADINA. And to make your umrah acceptable to ALLAH and to receive all the virtues and rewards promised by ALLAH, you definitely need to learn how to perform umrah step by step because many people keep on making mistakes when they go for umrah because they do not learn it.

This course has short duration lessons topic wise and step by step. It contains videos and photos with instructions to teach you the following

How To Perform Umrah Video Course:

  • Compulsory acts of umrah,

  • Sunnah acts of umrah,

  • What is meeqat ,

  • How to Wear ihram For Men

  • Ihram For Women

  • Restrictions Of Ihram,

  • How to do Tawwaf

  • How To Do Saee, ,

  • What is Istilam,

  • How to perform umrah for ladies

  • Each lesson has pdf files and images attached to get more understanding.

  • how to perform umrah step by step reminder lesson

  • Lot More

Great Benefit:

You can watch these video lessons of How To Perform Umrah Video Course on your cell phones whenever you need it in any step while doing umrah as lessons are made stepwise and topic wise and this way you can avoid making any mistakes while doing umrah.

The course also has a special reminder pdf file attached that you can print , and keep it in your hand while doing umrah that reminds you all the steps.

Lastly my introduction, my name is shahzeb Hussain, I have completed my Islamic education from university named Jamia Saeedia and I have been teaching Quran, Hadith, and umrah since 14 years and have thousands of students throughout the world. My passion is to share the Islamic knowledge ALLAH has given me with my brothers and sisters.

I have other courses on udemy, and I would definitely recommend my current students and all Muslims who plan to go for umrah to definitely take this new course How To Perform Umrah Video Course , so don’t wait just enrol and start learning.­­

Expected Outcomes

  1. Compulsory Acts Of Umrah
  2. Sunnah Acts Of Umrah
  3. Free Step By Step Reminder Book Included In this course!
  4. What Is Meeqat
  5. How to Wear ihram For Men
  6. Ihram For Women
  7. Restrictions Of Ihram
  8. How to do Tawwaf
  9. How To Do Saee
  10. What is Istilam
  11. Each lesson has pdf files and images attached to get more understanding
  12. How To Perform Umrah Step By Step In Enlish Reminder Lesson
  13. How to perform Umrah for Ladies
  14. Lot More