How to Present Confidently using Video from a Home Office

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Course Description

Have you recently been forced into home isolation? Does working from home mean you now need to use video to communicate with your team or consumers? This mini-masterclass has been filmed entirely on webcam and smartphones, to show you simple, effective techniques for ensuring you look & sound great for Video Conferencing, Webcasting, Vlogging or any type of Video Communications. In this 43 minute course, split across 8 easy-to-watch videos, you'll learn:

  1. Choosing the Right Background: Every home office is different, but these essential tips work everywhere.

  2. Audio Tips & Hacks: Sound is commonly a problem with home webcasting, learn how to achieve the best in your home office.

  3. Camera Techniques: Simple knowledge that can dramatically improve your audience's engagement with your video message.

  4. Managing your Eyeline: Where you look means everything to your audience, be that a few peers or larger virtual audience.

  5. Best Angles: Knowing where to position yourself and your video lens will dramatically empower your presentation style

  6. Lighting Solutions: Understand the easy fixes you can apply at home to enable dramatically improved lighting options for you in your home office.

  7. Best Presentation Tips: Lastly, Jason shares his quick wins for ensuring your video presentation style is confident, competent and enjoyable for both you and your audience.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Especially for home isolated workers - how you can confidently use video to stay connected
  2. Choosing the right backgrounds in your home
  3. Clean audio tips & hacks
  4. Managing camera and eyeline techniques
  5. Best angles for filming yourself
  6. Fast home lighting solutions for video