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This course will show you the easy way to price your janitorial service without underbidding!

  • The ONE formula you NEED to know

  • The TWO ways to calculate the time it will take to clean

  • The THREE must-know components to bidding

  • How to use minimum charges to make small jobs profitable

  • Upsells and Additional revenue opportunities

  • How to evaluate a contract to ensure profitability

BONUS #1: Learn the basics of disinfection in this DISINFECTION CRASH COURSE

BONUS #2: Earn some easy extra revenue with the extra-fast VLM Carpet Cleaning

BONUS #3: How to choose new equipment based on productivity and ROI

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to price commercial janitorial service without underbidding
  2. How to determine your hourly charge rate
  3. How to determine your productivity rate
  4. How to choose equipment based on productivity and return on investment
  5. How to bundle additional services for extra revenue
  6. How to manage your business’ finances without stressing constantly