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Reading and speaking with understanding of the very roots of what makes up Kikuyu language is the greatest piece you have been missing in your Kikuyu language learning puzzle. You’ve probably tried reading Kikuyu grammar books, or listening/watching Kikuyu language channels but your language skills are not improving. This is because no one is helping you learn the core structure of the Kikuyu language.

In this course, I address this gap for you. I help you understand how Kikuyu vowels sound, how simple syllables are made using single consonants, how those syllable sounds make simple words, and how those words make sentences.

As I do so, I’ll also be building up a vocabulary of over 200 commonly used Kikuyu words, and a further 56 common male and female Gĩkũyũ names. This is extremely crucial and surpasses most other online Kikuyu tutorials that you might have come across.

Of all the said vocabulary words, I’ve ensured that I read aloud each one of them in a slow way and a native speaker’s speed mode. This will help you in transiting from a hesitant approach to a more confident Kikuyu speaker.

I’ve gone ahead and created a pdf resource with a list of translations of all those words for ease of reference in case you get stuck or are curious about an interesting Kikuyu word encountered in the course.

All the best as you go through this basic course. Repeat the individual lectures not less than ten times until you are quite confident with replicating my pronunciation before proceeding to the lectures that follow. In the end, you’ll find that you have a mental picture and memory of most of the words used. When you encounter them in other texts elsewhere or hear them spoken out by others, you’ll easily identify them and start using them, too.

This is the first guide of its kind. Use it well to start mastering the Kikuyu language from today!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand a brief background of the Gĩkũyũ people of Kenya- and the world over
  2. Learn the correct Kikuyu alphabet
  3. Categorize Kikuyu syllables
  4. Learn how to correctly pronounce the Kikuyu vowels a e i o u ĩ ũ
  5. Learn how simple Kikuyu words are created
  6. Learn to read Kikuyu words and basic sentences
  7. Be able to answer quiz questions regarding words in the V and CV categories