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How to Save Short Term for Income Producing Assets is a course designed for people, who want to save money to acquire assets. If you felt you had no where to turn, worry no more! I’ll show you how to discover money that is hidden in plain sight like the equity in your home, money from services and money from physical resources. This course with also show you how to eliminate debt and use that money for assets. The methods we teach in this course will yield predicable results.

Our students will learn methods to save money short term for assets. You will be very happy to know the skill in finding money you may have not been aware existed. Rest assure, a practical strategy plan will be assembled to help you find money. All our students will master the art of buying assets and minimizing liabilities. All you need is a pen and paper to take good notes and a calculator to make some calculations. Welcome to the beginning of the transformation of your life!

You Need This Course If You Want:

  • To save money short term for assets

  • To acquire skills in financial education

  • To keep more of your own money

  • To be financially astute

  • To enjoy economic freedom

  • To calculate and keep account of your savings

  • To create a plan for your finances

  • To improve credit by eliminating debt

  • To free yourself from your lenders and creditors

  • To build wealth

Expected Outcomes

  1. Know how to follow an easy plan to save money for assets
  2. Utilize little money and big credit to acquire assets
  3. Know how to save huge sums of money without extra income
  4. Make an assessment to determine all debts
  5. Tap into your skills to earn extra money
  6. Know how to take control and utilize strategies to earn money for services
  7. Be able to construct a Debt/Bills Inventory Table
  8. Use debt to buy income producing assets