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Your Journey in Sound Design

Do you want to learn how to sound design unique sounds to use in your music? You will master the fundamentals of sound design, but also practical sound design on a range of styles like: Ambient Pads…Ominous Drones…Dark Pulses….Magical Pings….and Huge Sub Drops.

I hate wasting a lot of time browsing through presets to find the right sound, and I’m sure you find it boring and inefficient too, right? What if you could learn how to do sound design yourself. Because with the knowledge of sound design, you can easily shape any preset into something new. Or create completely unique sounds from scratch. Your own sounds and presets, that no one else have ever used. In this course you will:

  • Learn the Foundations of Sound Design

  • Explore the Sounds & Colors

  • Discover Practical Tips & Insights

  • Get Live Examples & Demonstrations

  • Become a Master of Sound Design

My name is Mike, and I am a composer and sound designer, who loves to teach and share my knowledge with creative people like you!

If you are ready master sound design, then take action, and begin your learning adventure, right now! =)

Expected Outcomes

  1. My Best Guidelines, Practical Tips & Tricks on Sound Design
  2. The Fundamental Sound Effects & Tools