How to Start a Podcast: The A-Z Guide to Podcasting!

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Course Description

Whether you are brand new to podcasting or already have some experience, this is the course for you! We will cover the basics and provide you with a strong foundation of advanced technical skills for both free and premium audio editing software that will get your audio sounding professional.

We will cover:

  • The basic hardware recommendations for podcasting

  • How to plan and brainstorm topics for your podcast

  • How to prepare and set-up for recording

  • How to edit audio with both Adobe Audition and Audacity

  • Where to host, grow, and monetize your podcast

In this course, we’re going to emphasize the technical aspect of podcasting by heavily focusing on editing audio. No matter your skill level, we’ll teach you to master audio editing with both professional, paid software, and free software.

In Adobe Audition and Audacity, you will learn how to expertly and efficiently:

  • Bring in or create your own audio tracks

  • Balance and stabilize your audio levels

  • Isolate and remove background noise

  • Enhance vocal tones and pitch

  • Merge multiple tracks together for a finished product

  • Fade tracks and music in together

After mastering the editing tools and achieving your desired audio outcome, we’ll have you create a preset workflow in Audition. With this, you can apply your newfound editing expertise to all your future audio, in just a few clicks.

By the end of this course, you will have all of the tools you need to plan, record, edit, and grow your podcast! We look forward to getting started.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Why you should start a podcast
  2. What podcast equipment we recommend
  3. How to record and edit audio with Adobe Audition
  4. How to record and edit audio with Audacity
  5. Podcast planning and recording tips
  6. How to launch your podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Spotify, and more
  7. Tips to grow your podcast following and outreach
  8. Monetization options overview