How to Tell if Your Child has Sensory Processing Issues

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Course Description

This is a short course to help parents learn the signs and symptoms of sensory processing disorder (SPD). A basic background on occupational therapy, sensory processing function and dysfunction and everyday examples of everyday behaviours often seen in sensory processing disorder. The course should take approximately 1 hour to complete and will be supplemented with suggested readings and case examples. If you are looking for more information about SPD and the signs often associated with it-this is the course for you. I am a parent, occupational therapist, assistant professor and sensory trained assessor- I want you to know what to look for so that you can seek the help you need at the right time.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Spot the major signs of sensory processing disorder in children and young adults
  2. Better understand Sensory Processing Systems
  3. Gain knowledge in Sensory Processing Disorder and the varying identifications
  4. Determine whether further assessment is warranted