How to Turn Your Skills Into Money

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Course Description


This online training course is ONLY for HIGHLY ambitious professionals who are READY to take MASSIVE ACTION with the sales strategies that will enable them to sell their skills and (AT LAST!) get paid their true value.

If you don't fit this profile, please leave now because this would be just a waste of your time.

I'm serious - LEAVE NOW!

So by now, if you're still here, this course represents an amazing opportunity to finally STOP...

STOP being ignored when you apply for jobs...

STOP begging to get hired...

STOP begging for pennies...

STOP begging to get paid what you deserve!

However, here's the truth...

Nothing will change... until you do.

What I mean specifically is that until you improve your skills, your results won't change.

So how can you improve your skills?

There's only 2 proven ways to do it.

And it's not really rocket science to be honest...


Show me anyone of the GREATS and I'll show you someone who was OBSESSED with TRAINING their skills.

They did it because they loved it but, above else, they did because the greats knew that there's just no other way to become great at anything without improving their skills.

Take Michael Jordan for example. This living legend failed more than 9000 shots and lost almost 300 games in his professional career. Notice that I'm not even counting the COUNTLESS hours of training that he put in more than anybody else in the teams that he played.

The reason why I'm giving you Michael Jordan's example is simply because...

Everybody wants to be Michael Jordan but VERY FEW dare to TRAIN like Michael Jordan.

Forget natural talent for a minute. Yes, talent is important but if you don't put that talent to work, talent will lose to those who are willing to OUTWORK you.

See, you have to be willing to INVEST the hours, the energy and the resources necessary for you to become better.

It really is that simple. If you wake everyday and you do whatever it takes to get better at what you do, your results will improve, would you agree?

If YES, then I have great news for you because this training will allow you to...

Improve your ability to sell the ULTIMATE product... YOU!

10 years ago, I went on a journey to find the best on the planet at this thing called selling.

This course is the result of that journey.

I adapted what I've learned from sales masters like Grant Cardone, Frank Kern and Tony Robbins and applied into selling myself in the marketplace.

I also realized that we need to KEEP selling our value, DAILY, while on the job because that's not only how you can STAY HIRED but that's also how you can be PROMOTED to higher-paying opportunities.

So, now you might be wondering...

Why should you even care about all this?

The vast majority of job candidates are following the same failing job hunting strategy.

Odds are that you're also in this group!

Let me tell me tell you how this OLD and FAILING job hunting strategy looks like:

  1. Write a Resume/CV. You try adding as many details about your career as possible hoping that this will make them want to interview you. You end up with 3 to 4 pages worth of information about you, your credentials and your experience.
  2. Write a Cover Letter. This is by far the step that most of you struggle with. In fact, you struggle so much that many of you don't even send a cover letter anyway (even though it's a sure fire way to standout immediately). You write as much about how great you are and how much you love the job and the company... hoping that this will do the "trick".
  3. Send as many Resumes/CVs and Cover Letters as humanly possible. This is described by job candidates as "the grind". Something "they feel they have to do" in the hopes of being called for a job interview.
  4. Get invited for job interviews. Finally, the big moment arrived but there's only one problem. You have no clue about what you should do and how you can handle the questions and challenges that the hiring manager can "throw" at you. So, you just show-up and hope for the best.
  5. Pray (and beg) to be hired. Drop price to the minimum that you can afford living and basically try to promise that you'll be do a great job... hoping that they will believe you and... hire you.

If you didn't notice already, the keyword that is present in ALL of the steps above is - HOPE.

Here's what I think about "hope".

Hoping is not a reliable strategy to generate consistent results.

On this course, all of the strategies that I teach are based on the same core thing - SELLING.

The biggest different in the approach that I teach on the By Me Journey (A.K.A. "Job Hunting 2.0"), is that YOU are in control of the selling process.

Here's how the By Me Journey process looks like:

  1. Know your super-powers (how you can stand out from the crowd)
  2. Identify who can you help the most (and how can you help)
  3. Get the attention of the decision-maker
  4. Demonstrate that you can help them
  5. Make an irresistible offer
  6. Close the deal

Next, you'll see how the entire "By Me Journey" Course Curriculum expands on each of the 6 steps that I just described.

Or, if by now you've read enough to make a decision, sign-up right now , because let me tell you the truth...

I can't keep these CRAZY LOW prices forever...

The reason why I'm launching this course with such unbelievable low prices is because... I just opened the doors of this Academy of Highly Ambitious and Persuasive Professionals!

HOWEVER, I promise you that I will raise the prices as soon as I expand the training program with more content... which will happen VERY soon.

Anyway, I wish that you take action and I'll see you inside the course!

Let's do this!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Know your super-powers (how you can stand out from the crowd)
  2. Identify who can you help the most (and how you can help them)
  3. Get the attention of the decision-maker (even the most hard to catch)
  4. Demonstrate that you can help them (instead of begging them to believe you)
  5. Make an irresistible offer (that is near impossible to say NO to)
  6. Close the deal (and overcome any objection that they have)