How To Work With The Reiki Level 2 Symbols

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Course Description

What is the course about?

In this course you learn different methods and techniques to work with the Reiki symbols.

Note: You must be a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, and you need to know the three Reiki Symbols - The Power Symbol, the Mental/Emotional Symbol, and the Long Distance Symbol!

Why should you take this course?

If you are already a Reiki Level 2 practitioner, but you would like to review or learn and practice different techniques, then this course is for you.

What is included:

Videos for each of the following techniques: - How to activate the Reiki Symbols - How to connect to Reiki with the Symbols - How to include the Reiki Symbols in a Reiki Session - Mental and Emotional Healing (Reprogramming) - Room Clearing with the Reiki Symbols - Distance Room Clearing - Distance Healing for a Friend - Healing of the Inner Child (healing the past) - Programming Crystals to send healing to the future - The Reiki Box - The Reiki Healing Depot - Reiki Shower

What is not included:

The Reiki Level 2 attunements, and Reiki Certificate.

Expected Outcomes

  1. use the Reiki Symbols in a variety of ways.