How to write a POWERFUL CV to secure your dream job

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Course Description

Are you struggling to write a good CV? or perhaps you have written a good CV and applied to several jobs but constantly getting rejected? The reality is that your CV only gets 6 seconds to make the cut and many job seekers fail to get interviews due to poorly structured CVs. I have experienced this first hand and I learnt the hard way the art of creating stellar CVs that went on to land me interviews to top multinational firms.

If you have been applying for jobs and constantly getting rejected then this course is exactly what you need. In 1.5 hours I will teach you the principles to writing a CV that will make you stand out and have recruiters calling you for interviews. These are tried principles that worked for me and many others, landing interviews to top multinationals.

This course is for you if you are:

  • An unexperienced or experienced job seeker

  • A student or recent graduate looking to start applying for jobs

  • Have been rejected severally after applying for jobs

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to write a powerful CV that will land interviews from the top multinationals
  2. The tried and tested principles to creating a CV that will stand out from the crowd
  3. How to structure your work experience and write compelling descriptions
  4. How to write a great cover letter for your CV
  5. How to manage your online presence to get more interviews