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When a reader picks up a romance book or goes to the cinema to see a romantic comedy they expect to be entertained.

But more than that. They want to step into the shoes of these characters and be swept away on their journey as they fall in love.

Romance and romantic comedy has always been a literature of hope. Hope that there is someone out there who will see through your surface and come to love the real person you are inside.

That is the unique escapist power of the romance genre and it has never been more popular.

In this course I will share with you the story craft techniques that I use is my own award-winning romance fiction that you can apply to any romance writing project, including short stories, novellas, novels and screenplay

Expected Outcomes

  1. # Why Romantic Comedy has never been more popular in movies, streaming, TV series and fiction.
  2. # The difference between romantic comedy and romantic drama.
  3. # How you can avoid clichés using the power of transformational character arcs.
  4. # What is a character arc and why it is the secret to creating compelling romances.
  5. # in-depth story structure craft using the 8 key story beats of every romantic comedy.
  6. # Examples from commercially successful romantic comedies.
  7. # Detailed story structure breakdowns for two movies: Notting Hill and Failure to Launch
  8. # How to Develop your Romantic Comedy around a Theme or Dramatic Question.