How To Write Your Way to a Happy and Fulfilling Life

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Course Description

How To Write Your Way to a Happy and Fulfilling Life is a course that will change your life for the better. It will bring about personal transformation, improve your relationships, give you clarity of direction and show you how you can easily change anything in your life using only a pen and paper. You will understand who you are and why you are here. You will become the director of your own life purpose in a spirit of freedom and creativity without any boundaries or perceived limitations. This is a Course which enables you to 'Know Thyself' by delving deeply into the multi-dimensional layers of your own reality system.

No previous experience of any kind is required to have results with this Course, but if you have done any self exploration in the past, this Course will take you to even deeper levels of yourself. This simple but highly effective writing process will also expose your negative patterns and programs which have blocked your forward progress up until now in your life and show you how to change them into positive, rewarding outcomes. You will be giving your life the meaning that you desire it to have for you.

Before making this Course available on Udemy, 100's of people completed this Course in a classroom setting and made huge, positive changes in their relationships, careers, health and prosperity. These changes can evidence themselves in as little time as an hour, a day, or even a few minutes! Other changes take more time depending on what they are, but be assured, you will see evidence of positive growth and change! Daily use of the guidelines in this Course continue to provide increased personal empowerment, confidence and fulfillment in ways unimagined before taking it. The results can be evidenced from small corrections in your life to major transformations. The simple use of your own hand, writing with a pen in a notebook, can steer you into great joy and happiness!

Positive change is the hallmark of this Course! It is structured into 5 sections totaling 25 lectures, each with pdf and mp3 downloads. Specific questionnaires have been designed to provide maximum stimulation by taking you to deep levels of your subconscious mind and inner worlds in the shortest possible time frame.

This Course allows you to accomplish more in a few days than could be provided with years of meditation. You will find that your personal growth and clarity of direction and purpose have become easy to identify, modify and expand upon. As time goes on, you will find yourself moving to higher and higher aspirations and accomplishments by being acutely aware of yourself and your surroundings. You will understand the conscious and deliberate use of your thoughts, emotions and words to sculpt your environment. More than this, fear, overwhelm, depression, grief and unhappiness will become a thing of the past. Love, forgiveness and compassion for others and for yourself will be your everyday experience.

Countless other conditions will also improve as you will be putting yourself in the flow of natural abundance and effortless living by taking control of your own belief system and becoming the designer and director of your reality. This is a clear and concise Course in achieving personal mastery.

Unannounced bonus material is included at the end of this Course as a gift.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Instantly change to a happy, fulfilling life!
  2. Heal old emotional wounds and traumas forever
  3. Really understand your relationships
  4. Instantly reverse any negative situation in your life
  5. Extend true forgiveness to yourself and others
  6. Be in control of your own destiny from now on
  7. Know more, live happier, love better - right now!