HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript & jQuery - Mandatory Techs

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Course Description

In this course, you will be learning the mandatory web technologies HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript & JQuery.

In the HTML section, you will learn about HTML tags, HTML Layout, HTML attributes, HTML elements, HTML Components.

In the CSS section you will learn Types of CSS, CSS selectors, Parent child selectors, Selector's hierarchy, CSS Box Model, Styling Components with CSS, and Responsive Design, Media Query, Flex Box and Grid System.

In the Bootstrap section, you will learn how you can get components from bootstrap, you will learn about bootstrap classes, and you will learn how you can develop a responsive website with bootstrap

In the Javascript section, you will learn Javascript strings, arrays, functions, loops, Objects, Class, DOM, Events and Events handlers, and you will learn how to develop a web application with javascript consuming a REST API with fetch client.

In the JQuery section you will learn how jQuery differs from javascript, Events and Events Handlers in JQuery, DOM manipulation GET and SET, Adding, Removing, and Empty HTML content on an HTML page, CSS manipulations, JQuery effects, Methods Chaining, noConflict, you will learn to develop a complete users login/registration system with JQuery using Ajax client for REST API request, received data from query string, and finally, you will learn how to make an API request with getJSON($.get, $.post) client, and the jQuery promise $.when().then() client.

Expected Outcomes

  1. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript and JQuery - Mandatory Web Technologies
  2. Beginner's Guide