HVAC Troubleshooting Algorithm

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Course Description

This course is designed to help a technician to troubleshoot an HVAC system. Using step-by-step approach, we address both common problems and the ones often overlooked. We start without tools, simply by feeling, hearing and looking. Then we move onto using actual tools.

The attendee will be shown diagrams which help to make sense of instructions pertaining to performance of certain procedures necessary to properly troubleshoot an HVAC system.

We discuss temperature probes, refrigeration gages, an anemometer, an airflow hood, information they provide and steps necessary to achieve an accurate diagnosis of the problem.

We touch on superheat and sub-cooling as well.

Have you gone to fix an AC unit only to get a call back a day or two later with a complaint the unit is still not working?

Do you have an AC unit on your property which seems to have had every part replaced and still not working?

Do you want to advance your knowledge base by acquiring the troubleshooting tools that you will be using again and again saving you time and money?

Logical, step by step troubleshooting method taught by the HVAC instructor with more than 30 years of experience.

The money spent on this webinar will we recouped just in one service call!

"During my over 30 year HVAC teaching career I’ve encountered lots of questions regarding troubleshooting HVAC systems. I realized that many of these questions repeat themselves and I developed a logical, step by step troubleshooting system which I will share with you."

Julio Herrera, Instructor

Expected Outcomes

  1. Logical, Step by Step Troubleshooting System that will allow you to identify the issue three times faster