Hypnosis: Conversational Hypnosis Certification

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Course Description


Can I show you, the easiest way to hypnotize a subject and transform the way they think ?......And show you a simple format, so you know what to do and say at every step of the way ? Interested in hypnotherapy ? Interested in how to only use language to have a subject enter a hypnotic trance ?

You now have at your finger tips, a powerful and basic format to follow to achieve this. Follow the simple 10 step process, and watch as your subjects, slip into a pleasant hypnotic trance with you at the wheel.

Build a strong foundation with conversational hypnosis and wow your clients and subjects with ease

At each step along the way you will be instructed in the principles that will allow you to alter the state of your clients mind.

You will be introduced to:

  1. The ultimate 10 step process for all hypnosis
  2. The step by step model, that a professional therapist will follow, but taught in a basic structure
  3. The easy to follow flow method, to make your interactions seamless and transformational.
  4. Trouble shooting methods to overcome external problems
  5. The exact process of the mind through a hypnotic trance
  6. How to set the perfect context for trance to occur

A powerful skill at your finger tips:

This format can be utilized under any circumstances and with any subject , even if they have not been hypnotized before.

By following this step by step formula you will find your self integrating your new skill set quickly and with a professional twist to it. You will shock your subjects as they go into trance easily, and will have no idea that you are a novice therapist. Your new skill set will shine with a smooth and expert approach every time

Expected Outcomes

  1. master a basic hypnotherapy format
  2. Create a powerful trance state with only language
  3. Utilize a step by step process at a basic level for success
  4. use only language to hypnotize a subject
  5. Flow with hypnotic language to bypass conscious thinking
  6. Master the entire 10 step process that a professional therapist will follow