Hypnosis: Conversational Hypnosis Demonstrations

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Course Description

Course Description:

If there was a secret key to mastering hypnosis it would be what you are about to witness. If you are familiar with Dr. Milton Erickson and other great Hypnotherapists like him, you will find common reports from their students stating that the best things they ever learned were from watching their master and mentor in action.

So we are heading in the same direction to give you a front row seat to Scott Jansen in action.

Nowhere else will you get access to this footage and advanced thinking when it comes to conversational hypnosis.

Who is Scott Jansen?

  1. 18+ years as a full time therapist
  2. Clients ranging from Hollywood A-List celebs, Professional sports stars, professional athletes, singers and entertainers
  3. Owner of the Conversational Hypnosis Academy
  4. Best selling author on hypnosis
  5. And much more

So what does this mean for you ?

This means you get to witness and study Scott Jansen in action as he demonstrates his skill through these conversational hypnosis demonstrations.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Amplify there hypnotic methods
  2. Master conversational hypnosis