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My name is Jafeth Mariani, I am a italian Hypnotherapist living  in Berlin, Germany. I have made many videos, most in german or italian language, and few in English, with meditation and hypnosis. The english comments were so positive that I decided to bring them to udemy as well. I’m sure they will help you relax, get you to sleep, and wake you up completely calmed and stronger.

You will:.

  • Fall asleep each night with ease.

  • Have more energy  when you wake up.

  • Release stress and anxiety 

  • Feel more present and grounded 

  • Calm your mind and your body

  • Heal your inner child

  • Love your self more

Good for:

  • Anyone who can’t sleep

  • People soffering of insomnia or restlessness

  • Anyone interested in falling asleep more quickly 

Some comments from other Platforms:

“You’re English is perfectly fine!! I enjoy your accent it makes your videos more blissful:-) Don’t change a thing and definitely keep making them you have a beautiful gift!!”

“Your accent is so lovely too. It adds more beauty to your words “

“your voice as well as the content is very soothing, thanks”

“Thank you so much for this beautiful listening your voice and words are such comfort in this recording”

“Love it! Love it! Love it! Thank you once again I get the best nights sleep listen to your videos….blessings to you:-)”

“Thank you, I really needed and appreciate this perspective. Beautiful words felt very healing and genuine. I look forward to browsing thru more of your work. Peace and love”

“That was wonderful! Thank-you !!!!”

“Your awesome your calmed my soul LOL”

You get:

2 Sleep guided Hypnosis (english)


2 Sleep guided Hypnosis (italian) – it can help to let go, to hear my voice in original language (or maybe you can italian?)

Expected Outcomes

  1. Sleep Hypnosis – guided Hypnosis / Meditation
  2. Fall asleep each night with ease.
  3. Have more energy  when you wake up.
  4. Release stress and anxiety
  5. Feel more present and grounded
  6. Calm your mind and your body
  7. Heal your inner child & Love your self more