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In this course titled ‘ Hypnosis – Increase Your Energy And Overcome Fatigue ‘. By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will learn many hypnotic techniques to overcome fatigue at your workplace and personal life using many techniques like relaxation techniques , anchoring and mind triggers .

You will be able to attract positive energy in your mind and soul whenever you want and be able to create your own energy levels and enthusiasm.

This course is ideal for people who face lot of stress in their daily life and need high levels of energy always. It is also very helpful for people into sports as they require a strong mind with full of energy to perform better

This course contains more than 30 minutes of video content designed over 7 lectures

This course contains –

  • Lecture1:Introduction To The Course
  • Lecture2:Exercise On Creating Your Own Energy And Enthusiasm
  • Lecture3:Relaxation Using Self Hypnosis
  • Lecture4:Relaxation Using Mind Trigger
  • Lecture5:How To Draw Positive Energy From The Universe
  • Lecture6:Anchoring Technique To Increase Your Energy
  • Lecture7:Summary

Expected Outcomes

  1. By the end of the course you will feel more energetic and positive and will learn how to increase your energy levels whenever you want by using the techniques taught in the course
  2. You will be able to easily draw positive energy around you and attract the same from the universe by using the powerful Hypnotic Techniques
  3. You will completely remove fatigue from your mind and body by following the techniques in the course