Hypnosis: Master Hypnotist Program

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Course Description

"Master this 6 stage formula before you hypnotize your next subject … And create coma-like trances … That can be hidden inside any conversation … So you will never be caught again"

Introducing The 4 step Hypnosis Evolution Cycle to get the most from this program, We can think of H.E.C ( Hypnosis Evolution Cycle ) as the blueprint learning cycle of the Hypnotist


Introducing The Online Conversational Hypnosis Program: Designed to morph you into the Go-To Hypnotist With this online program, you finally get to be introduced to the 6 stage PHITTR formula, designed by Scott to bring out the Hypnotist inside of you, with uncanny results. Now you get to know what it takes to navigate through an entire hypnosis session ( regardless of your starting point ) and never fall into the common traps of the classical Hypnotist, and while never relying on script based therapies, one size fits all strategies that tend to break more than succeed and an unbreakable professionalism and integrity that will have clients begging for your business.

Program Overview:

This is the starting point of all Hypnotists. The active experimentation is this program. It’s to make the decision of for yourself that learning hypnosis is of high priority. And this can be the most difficult step. Active experimentation is about the doing. It’s not just listening to the content or watching the videos, it’s about systematically, following the instructions and putting them to good use. Think of this step as grasping the basics of conversational hypnosis in its essence.

Level 2 can only occur from the doing. From creating mistakes and having spectacular success and gaining an internal feeling about using your new skill in your everyday life and in a therapeutic situation. The feeling now of the success will become attached to the action of hypnosis and will build the foundations of your career. Even from just including minor hypnotic principles into your natural interactions, allow your own unconscious mind to stretch and you begin to become the Hypnotist. The feeling will help drive you to your ultimate goals with conversational hypnosis

Step 3 is the unconscious moments live in action. To watch and observe the trances and hypnosis growing with every interaction you have. The reactions, the emotions, the unconscious moments and even the failures, can all be monitored and reflected on once completed. This gives a comparison from one trance conversation to another, to simplify what worked for you and what didn’t. This style of thinking increases your flexibility and helps your success percentage grow dramatically.

To complete the cycle, step 4 is the contemplation of yourself in action. By taking time every day and using your imaginative skills to practice internally, imagining what you may say, do, feel and think while interacting in a hypnotic nature, prepares your unconscious for when you need your methods the most. This active imagination helps your mind roleplay and deduct any external hiccups that may interfere with your successes and helps you deal with them on the spot.

On program completion:

Crystal Clear Clarity Of Instruction

One of the greatest advancements we have made is the broken down instructions of advanced methods and terminology. You get the instruction, you hear the steps, you notice the demonstration of said steps, then a Q&A with students to understand the intricacies of the individual methods and principles. We make sure you just don’t get it, you master it

The Road Map Of A Master Hypnotist

We have set you up with the needs and wants of the Hypnotist. By creating the blueprint of hypnotic success that be enhanced to any level of the desired outcome. If you truly wish to become a world class and the go to hypnotist, we have set this program up especially for you

Real World Applications Of Hypnosis

What good is a training if it can not be used immediately? Thus we have included lectures, additional programs, and audios to set you up to work from anywhere in the world, to dominate your business needs, gain paying clients instantly and to increase your credibility immediately. These are just some of your added extras to complete this program

Enhancement Drilling Exercises

The one thing you will find apparent is the repetition of exercises, skills, and principles. This is not a mistake. By using repetition ( which is a classical hypnosis principle ) we are cementing in your new skills with as little effort as possible. Think about when you learned to drive. Did you get it instantly? Probably not. It required you to repeat the same maneuvers over and over. This is how the unconscious mind will create new pathways internally so you can recall a skill at any time.

The Essence Of Unconscious Moments

Unconscious moments play an integral part in all of our programs, and it is especially true with this one also. With the structure of unconscious moments, we are almost creating a cheaters guide to conversational hypnosis. We are revealing not just how to hypnotize, but to assess the level of hypnosis, the cues of hypnosis, the therapy functions of the mind and also how to navigate through any interaction regardless of the subjects and clients you work with. This is 1 unconscious function that you can always rely on.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Use conversational hypnosis in any conversation and hypnotise subjects and clients on the spot without any fuss
  2. How to use conversational hypnosis strategically in a large crowd
  3. How to use covert hypnosis like a true master even if you are a beginner
  4. How to get direct answers to certain questions from a clients mind
  5. How to run a successful hypnotherapy session
  6. How to heal clients with hypnosis