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From ex-IELTS examiner James Castleden’s YouTube channel IELTS Step-by-step comes a course dedicated to improving your speaking skills for a fluent and confident IELTS Speaking exam, and listening skills for improved performance and time management in the Listening exam. Together you and James will listen to and analyse 15 students from around the world doing the Speaking exam, and complete 12 real Listening past papers, reviewing them in detail. You will also learn 350 idioms to improve your speaking as well as a whole host of tips, tricks and techniques that will ensure you’re ready for 7+ in both exams.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Improve your IELTS grade significantly to a 7+
  2. Watch 15 speaking exams being done
  3. Watch deep analysis of each speaking exam
  4. Do 12 real listening past papers and review them in detail
  5. Learn about every type of IELTS Listening task
  6. Practice speaking with other students and the tutor
  7. Learn tips and tricks to immediately improve your grade
  8. Learn over 350 idioms, collocations and set phrases
  9. Learn skills that are essential for getting a 7+
  10. Improve your general listening skills