Improve your LinkedIn profile for growing your business

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Course Description

Are you ready to take your LinkedIn profile to the next step?

After doing some LinkedIn coaching, I realize most people have the same issue around LinkedIn so I decided to create a course around it as well.

I will walk you through everything I know about LinkedIn on how to grow your personal brand and following,so you can grow your business there (eventually). I said eventually because building a personal brand takes time.

I do not teach the shotgun effect where you send multiple emails to people upfront. There is a better way to do this.

In this course, you will learn all the below. There are over two hours of video content and I will continue to update and add new videos as needed.

Course Content:

Introduction (Length 1 min )

Main Body

Lecture 1 - LinkedIn Statistics Poll & relevant videos (Length 6 m 11 s)

Lecture 2 - LinkedIn Case Study (Length 7 m 24 s)

Lecture 3 - LinkedIn Statistics (Length 8 m 51 s)

Lecture 4 - How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile Part 1 (Length 15 m 30 s)

Lecture 5 - How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile Part 2 (Length 16 m 29 s)

Lecture 6 - Smart techniques of Connection Requests (Length 6 m 46 s)

Lecture 7 - LinkedIn Company Page (Length 3 m 49 s)

Lecture 8 - LinkedIn Post Specifications (Length 10 m 43 s)

Lecture 9 -Top LinkedIn Company Pages (Length 4 m 47 s)

Lecture 10 - B2B Video Strategy & Algorithms (Length 4 m 56 s)


Innovative LinkedIn Tools (Length 4 m 38 s)

Success for any business is dependent on the customer base, and potential supplier base and LinkedIn offers a simple connection to both. Any business can raise and develop its brand awareness take advantage of advanced search to reach out to the target audience.

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Expected Outcomes

  1. How to build an effective LinkedIn Profile
  2. Smart techniques of sending Connection requests
  3. Building a LinkedIn Company Page
  4. Top LinkedIn Pages
  5. Learn about LinkedIn Groups
  6. Specifications of a good LinkedIn post