Improving Emotional Intelligence the Vim Way (lesson #1of24)

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Course Description

This is the 1st step on your journey to authenticity and improving your emotional intelligence the Vim Way.

The process that you may soon start is centered around the creation of positive energy and the experience of “joyous vitality” – also known as – “VIM”

In order to tap into this pure, radiant energy, you must:

  • Put down your mask.

  • Look deeply into your shadows within.

  • Rediscover the power of awareness & right action.

The task is simple, but not easy.

You will begin by learning to understand and recognize Energy 1 (i.e. Negative Energy) - your single most dangerous enemy.

Two traits of Negative Energy make it so formidable.

  1. It is cunningly adroit at entering our psyche when you are tired.

  2. It is very pervasive in nature.

After identifying that which depletes your energy and inner spirit, we will work together to re-discover and build mechanisms to create Energy 2 (i.e. Positive Energy) in lesson #2 of 24 as we travel together along your path to self-awareness, self-actualization and improving your emotional intelligence.

We hope that you join us.

Be Well.

Russell Owens

Expected Outcomes

  1. We will work together to re-discover and build mechanisms to create energy. However, one of the most challenging tasks you will have is to unlearn some of the very habits and perspectives that have been useful in keeping you going. These have likely been some of the depleters of your inner energy and your spirit.
  2. Your single most dangerous enemy is negative energy. Two traits of negativity make it so formidable. First, it is cunningly adroit at entering our psyche when we are tired. Second, is its pervasive nature. If we pay particular attention to the negative energy around us, whether it be from team members, board members, employees, strangers on the elevator, it is rare (and quite enlightening) not to see, hear and feel various forms of fear, anger, rigidity and negativity.
  3. Our journey is not about judging others, nor is it about labeling people, places or events as good or bad. It is simply and profoundly about learning how to live our lives fully, with abundant positive energy and deep authenticity.