Indian Bridal Makeup Masterclass, Professional Make-up

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Course Description

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NEW UPDATE: You are able to request certificates issued by Hajar Beauty Academy after completing the course!

You are Advanced/Intermediate and just want to extend your knowledge in the field of Bridal Makeup, learning different Eye Makeup techniques?

...or maybe you want to learn how to recreate those Bollywood-inspired, colorful and glamorous Makeup Looks and wear it yourself as a bride or the wedding guest?

Then welcome to the Masterclass Indian Bridal Makeup!

This Masterclass teaches you how to create 3 stunning Makeup Looks that will match most of the Indian bridal dresses or just any occasional dresses out there.
Whether you are a Junior Makeup Artist and have an Indian Bridal clientele, a Self-taught who wants to apply your own makeup for a wedding OR you are the bride-to-be yourself who is an Intermediate in Makeup, this course walks you through every single step of the application.

Learn how to master these trending Makeup Looks step by step: The Golden Sunset Eyes, Half Smokey Eye Cut-Crease, and the Pink-Bordeaux Cut-Crease!
Benefit from my experience as a Professional Makeup Artist and learn how to prepare your bride for a stress-free Wedding day and most important make her Makeup resist the emotional roller coaster she is experiencing on her big day!

The main focus of this course lies on the different Eye Makeup Looks:
You are going to learn three main different Eye Makeup Techniques that are normally taught in expensive live Masterclasses by world-wide known international Makeup Artists, here on Udemy brought to you by me!

Other points that are discussed and demonstrated :

  • Trial Makeup appointment & Workflow

  • Skincare: Prep & Prime a Combinational skin type

  • Mixing Foundation shade for south Asian complexions

  • Eyeliner Application on asymmetrical eyes

  • Color Correcting dark Pigmentation on the face

  • Highlighting & Contouring: Create a natural 3D effect

Plus more details awaiting you in the Course!

What you are going to be able to do at the end of the Course?

  • Work with brides professionally

  • Perform Magic with makeup on your brides and emphasize their natural beauty

  • Apply the most popular trending Eye-makeup Techniques of all times

  • Turn yourself into a glamorous wedding guest or a breathtakingly beautiful Bride on a Budget!

Excited to enter the Masterclass? Then let's meet up in the lessons!

NEW UPDATE: You are able to request certificates issued by Hajar Beauty Academy after completing the course!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Bride Consultation: How to encounter a bride and meet her expectations on her big day
  2. Trial Makeup appointment : How to proceed and plan the wedding day successfully ahead
  3. 3 Different Bridal Makeup Looks : Learn the most popular Eye Makeup Techniques of all times
  4. Learn how to work with colorful eyeshadows and apply a flawless eyeliner on assymetrical eyes
  5. Create the perfect base and make the bridal makeup last longer on combinational to dehydrated skin
  6. Mix Foundations for a medium to tan complexions