Ink Pen and Watercolour for Beginners and Beyond

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Course Description

  • In this course I will show you how to sketch an impression of the chosen subject which will, with practice, evolve into a style completely your own. I will then show you how to add watercolour in a way that will brighten and invigorate the drawing, resulting in a sketch of which to be proud.

  • I have included downloads of some of the pictures I am going to show you and you will be able to create your own copy alongside me.

  • My intention is to show that with just three colours, one brush and a sketch book you will be able to take these anywhere and achieve a successful impression of any subject you choose.

  • The paintings I have shown are of Cornwall, the Cotswolds and a National Trust house in Wiltshire.

  • I hope that after you have completed this course you will be inspired to continue your artistic endeavours and to continue to challenge yourself.

  • The resources provided for this course consist of a list of materials required; a list of the watercolours required; a recommended list of brushes; drawing showing perspective; a colour wheel and a drawing to show the methodology for copying a drawing in readiness for painting.

  • You are encouraged to forward any questions or queries that you may have with the course.

  • You will be able to continue learning this medium through my other courses, as they become available on Udemy.

  • I now have a course on painting boats; pencil drawing; and watercolour painting all available now.

Recent Reviews

  • "Thanks very much for this great course, I learned a lot! I find that I am very attracted to Architecture in ink and using a mild, soft colour wash ....very much like your technique, it really was great!"

  • "Very interesting and helpful to observe the actual process, which you cannot so easily achieve when looking at a book ! Look forward to some further courses"

  • "Each lesson was easy to follow and the instructor was very engaging. Would highly recommend!"

  • "Just the sort of course I was looking for. I particularly like the instructor's style of watercolour painting, which is important to me when choosing an art course."

  • This course was a great match for me as I have found that inking and watercolour is pleasing to my eye. I appreciated his tutorials, comments and helpful ideas. Easy to understand but also challenging!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Appreciate the vitality you can achieve in the usage of ink and watercolour.
  2. Understand the impact of light on the subject.
  3. Be able to paint/draw scenes of which you can be proud
  4. These are a combination of mediums that is useful both in pleinair (on location) and the studio.
  5. Learn the fundementals of colour mixing by combining three primary colours.
  6. How to draw an object correctly in terms of accurate viewing in a landscape.