Innovation & Intrapreneurship

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Course Description

Innovators are needed everywhere but never taught in school the way we need to use it at job. Here is a course from a practitioner of Innovation and this course is modelled around a working professional. You will learn why Innovation, its relevance to organisation and yourself, how to connect innovation to organisation and monetise Innovation and also the biggest myths about innovation to give you the confidence why you can be innovating today. The full cycle of innovation is explained highlighting the key points of each phase which includes how to start, how to run and how to finish your innovation cycle. Also the key part of pitching an innovation and boundaries of intellectual property and patents are discussed. The short but effective quizzes will ensure you are grounded on the concepts but each quiz has a connect to the real world example.

Who said you cannot Innovate ? You can and you will Innovate.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Innovation, it's relevance and how important Innovation is to any organisation.
  2. Myths of Innovation and roles of an Innovator.
  3. The three key phases and the important steps to Innovation and pitching any innovation.
  4. How Innovation and Intrapreneurship benefits anyone in any role
  5. How to 'think' differently'
  6. How to start Innovating - today !
  7. How can you Innovate in any area of work you are in ?