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Welcome to the course on International Trade Finance – An Overview

The course gives a brief overview of the world of trade finance before going into the details of the various payment methods used in international trade. It explains the detailed process flow of complex payment methods like collections, letter of credit, escrow account, and bank guarantees.

Special care has been taken to ensure that all the explanations are simple and lucid so that anyone without any background in finance can understand.

Invest just one hour in this course and be assured that you will get a solid knowledge base and you will be more confident to go into in-depth understandings in international trade finance.

This course covers –

  1. What are Trade Finance and the Parties Involved

  2. Methods of Payment in International Trade – Overview

  3. Documentary Collection – Detailed Process Flow and Related Knowhow

  4. Letter of Credit – Detailed Process Flow and Related Knowhow

  5. Types of Letter of Credit

  6. Bank Guarantees – Detailed Process Flow and Related Knowhow

  7. Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee – A Comparison

  8. Samples of Real-life trade documents and the important fields in those documents

Who is this course for –

1. Businessmen in the Export-Import domain who want to understand the payment methods available to them

2. Bankers

3. Students in international trade

4. Employees in Trading Organizations

Expected Outcomes

  1. An overview of trade finance
  2. What are the payment methods used in international trade and Pros and Cons of each payment method
  3. Detailed process flow of complex methods like letter of credit, bank guarantee or collections