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Perform 18 Hand-on [Experiments/Practicals] exercises during the course to learn and enhance Arduino Programming, IoT Cloud, REST HTTP and Hardware Skills

Square Brackets [] specifies key learning areas 

1. LED Blink [Arduino Programming]

2. Navigate through ThingSpeak Cloud Platform [IoT Cloud]

3. Upload Random Numbers to Cloud Platform from Hardware – ESP8266-NODEMCU using REST HTTP GET method [Arduino Programming + IoT Cloud]

4. Using React and ThingTweet Service [IoT Cloud]

5. LM35 (Temperature Sensor) Interfacing with Hardware (ESP8266-NODEMCU) [Hardware + Arduino Programming]

6. Connecting Hardware (ESP8266-NODEMCU) dynamically to Access Point [Arduino Programming]

7. Push data to the cloud using REST HTTP POST Method [Arduino Programming + API Documents + IoT Cloud]

8. Read Data from Cloud [Cloud + Arduino Programming + HTTP GET Method]

9. IoT Close Loop [Hardware Interfacing + Arduino Programming + IoT Cloud + HTTP GET and POST]

10. TalkBack [IoT Cloud]

11. TalkBack Add Command [Arduino Programming + IoT Cloud + HTTP POST]

12. TalkBack Update Command [Arduino Programming + IoT Cloud + HTTP PUT]

13. TalkBack Read Command [Arduino Programming + IoT Cloud + HTTP GET] 

14. TalkBAck Execute Command [Arduino Programming + IoT Cloud + HTTP POST]

15. ThingHTTP [IoT Cloud + Web Services]

16. IFTTT [IoT Cloud]

17. Google Assistant, IFTTT, ThingSpeak [IoT Cloud, Cross cloud communination]

18. TimeControl [IoT Cloud]

This course starts with the very basics of IoT and gradually the complexity is increased in a scientific manner to attain the learning outcomes.

After completion of this course, You will be able to:

  • Build IoT products using ESP8266 SoC

  • Discuss IoT and its market value

  • Discuss sensors and actuators

  • Deploy IoT product to ThingSpeak Cloud platform using all its services

  • Integrate ThingSpeak IoT Cloud, IFTTT, google assistant to develop products.

Expected Outcomes

  1. 18 Hands-on Sessions on IoT hardware and IoT Cloud
  2. Learn how to design code and Build IoT Products
  3. Learn to use Arduino IDE and Arduino Programming Language from scratch
  4. Learn how to connect sensors and actuators to commercial cloud platforms
  5. Learn to use microcontrollers like ESP8266, NodMCU, Arduino.
  6. Learn to fetch data from sensors like temperature, LM35.
  7. Builld IoT Projects in this course
  8. All services offered by ThingSpeak Cloud platform – Data Storage, ThingTweet, TalkBack, ThingHTTP, React, TimeControl etc
  9. REST HTTP Methods – GET, POST, PUT etc
  10. API