Intro to Istio-Service Mesh for Cloud-Native Kubernetes Apps

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Course Description

Join Kumulus Technologies' CTO, Robert Starmer, as he helps you gain a functional understanding of how Istio provides a service mesh on Kubernetes to effectively and efficiently manage microservices-based, cloud-native applications. A series of concise lectures provide the necessary background on Kubernetes' and Istio's architectures and then explains how Istio's features help simplify microservices management complexity for both cloud operators and application developers. The course wraps up with Labs that provide instructions on how to deploy Istio on Kubernetes (with instructions to deploy locally on your laptop or leveraging Google Cloud Platform's GKE), then deploy istio on Kubernetes, and finally deploy and application and manage it's behavior with Istio. This course assumes no prior knowledge of Kubernetes or Istio and will leave you with the fundamental understanding and operational skills to repeatable deploy both k8s and Istio to continue your learning of Istio's functionality.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand the basic architecture of Istio and Istio-Kubernetes interactions.
  2. Understand how Istio provides a full-feature service mesh to better run and monitor applications.
  3. Deploy Istio on Kubernetes
  4. Use Istio to manage a polyglot, microservices-based application.