Intro to Screenplay Formatting

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Course Description

I can't tell you how many scripts I've read with awful formatting. Hollywood readers and execs can easily toss your script if it looks unprofessional on the surface; don't give them that excuse! They could have good stories, but no one will ever know because the formatting sucks.

Want to avoid that? Then jump into this course get the basics under you belt.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of screenplay formatting, like:

  • What's a slugline?

  • What's the difference between V.O. and O.S.?

  • How do I introduce all my characters?

  • Why are parentheticals bad to use?

  • How can I avoid looking and feeling like a noob with my formatting?

  • Why does formatting come from?

  • Why does formatting matter anyway?

One of my students had this to say about my teaching methods:

"Someone listening to Carl would immediately know he has real authority over the subject matter at hand. He’s very learned. Additionally, he’s deeply perceptive and asks all the right questions. He waits to form a solid opinion or give advice only after he has sufficient information to work with. His teaching tone is balanced, calm, cool, and composed with a hint of nonchalance, which to me is refreshing. Above all, I trust his teaching and advice."

This course is your first step in the journey of becoming an expert screenwriter and visual storyteller! Yes, formatting is integral to storytelling since the screenplay format has a set of guidelines which filmmakers use to imagine and create the story you write.

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Expected Outcomes

  1. Screenplay Formatting
  2. Screenplay Format
  3. Scriptwriting
  4. Screenwriting
  5. Filmmaking