Introduction to Automotive Product Design & development

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Course Description

The Automotive product development process is based on he Mechanical design and development process

Starting from product planning to Detail Design

This course will cover the key aspects of these stages and key activities carried out along with major milestones

Concepts covered

  • Concept of Concurrent engineering and how teams are formed in cross functional setup

  • Major milestones at each stage

  • The nature of product development and types of product development

  • How concepts are developed and differences between industrial design and engineering design

  • What are ergonomic analyses and H point . Importance in establishing the concept

  • What is Vehicle architecture and types of Vehicle construction and types of Suspension used in different types of vehicles

  • What are vehicle platforms and modular designs . Importance of standardization

  • Activities in Systems design - Interfaces and Integration of complex systems

  • Activities in Detail design phase including DFMEA, DVP preparation and Concern resolution

  • What is BOM ,PLM and engineering release

The Main outcome of the course is to develop a holistic understanding of the whole process from idea to production level design

The course is useful for Design engineering aspirants in automotive domain or for anyone interested in gaining insights how automobiles are developed in industry .

Expected Outcomes

  1. What is the Overall process and workflow. The major milestones
  2. How product planning and concept development is carried out
  3. What happens in Automotive Design and styling
  4. What are Ergonomic analyses and factors considered in establishing initial concept of passenger vehicles
  5. What is Vehicle Architecture, affect of powertrain design on Vehicle architecture
  6. What is vehicle construction. The differences between Monocoque and Body on frame constructions
  7. What are various types of Suspension and factors in Suspension configuration selection for vehicle
  8. What are modular platforms. Key characteristic of modular platforms and their benefits
  9. System Packaging design and importances of Interfaces , Role of integration
  10. Detail design and Engineering Bill of materials
  11. What is DFMEA, DVp and concern resolution
  12. Example of Design of Frame
  13. Overview of Performance domains and the systems , factors which affect them