Introduction to Being a Dog Trainer Certificate

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Course Description

Introduction to Being a Dog Trainer

This training course provides useful insights, tips and advice on the knowledge, skills and attributes that you need to start a career as a dog trainer. Dog trainers are always in demand and there are a range of specializations available to those interested. The course describes the career prospects, ethics and values while providing useful information on how to train dogs.

The course includes the following information:

  • An introduction to pursuing a career as a dog trainer, as well as information on personal and professional ethics.
  • Introduction to different training techniques, procedures and equipment required to be able to train dogs, with explanations regarding the uses and benefits of each.
  • How to train puppies, including crate training, teaching them to stay quiet and avoid whining or howling and training them to come when called.
  • How to train older dogs with regard to socialization issues, overcoming anxiety/shyness, controlling aggression and teaching proper behaviour in general.
  • How to train dogs to stop nuisance barking, submissive urination and regulate eating behaviours.
  • Training techniques to train rescued/abused dogs and how to train dogs for security, companionship and therapy purposes.
  • Information required to kick-start your career, including licenses, permits and certifications and how to offer your training services and get your business off the ground.

Benefits of Studying this Course

    You can look forward to a number of advantages by studying this course. Here’s a closer look at the benefits:
  • You get a clear idea of the permits, licenses and certifications required to get your career in dog training started.
  • Learn how to train dogs to behave in the correct manner.
  • By developing the required skills and learning the right techniques, you can effectively train dogs.
  • You learn the specializations in dog training and can offer niche dog training services.