Introduction to Listening Skills.

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Course Description

The course offers an insight into the basic listening skills involved in a helpful listening relationship. Audio lectures with Power point presentation videos and print outs are all used to aid your learning, but the most benefit will be gained by practice. Consisting of almost 2 hrs of lectures, you can learn the basic skills very quickly, or you can take your time to process the information, develop your understanding of the use and purpose of these skills in helpful listening situations and develop your confidence in utilising them in your everyday relationships with friends and family. You may take your new found learning into the workplace for use with colleagues and clients, or you may use the course as an introduction to professional counselling practice. There will be space for you to reflect on your learning throughout and towards the end of the course.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Listen actively, effectively and helpfully to others.
  2. Develop understanding of the use and purpose of basic listening skills.
  3. Grow in confidence as a helpful listener.
  4. Use skills in relationships with others, at work or to start a new career in counselling.