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Transform your life in 8 lessons using the fine art of self-observation and meta-cognition (thinking about how you think)

This self-paced, comprehensive ebook course is designed for those looking for a guided, holistic approach to health of body and mind, with ease of mind, that can help you focus on your goals for total health, happiness and success in your life.

By helping to remove myths, negative thoughts, action, and inaction that hinder one’s progress, this course reveals a path for those who may lack direction, motivation, and mentor-type guidance. Contains extensive resources and research for your personal development.

This course also utilizes a reading list to go along with it, which is recommended, but is not required to benefit from the course. The reading list is included in the assignments at the end of each lesson to supplement this reflection area.

Note: For best results, please use headphones to focus on the audio instruction and background music to make the most of its meditative qualities.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Global Objectives for this course include: (1) The student will be able to study, define and apply concepts of Introspection, including theories of nutrition, exercise, meditation, intelligence, self-realization, and education that illustrate how all the parts of one’s actions and attitudes make up a whole way of living.
  2. (2) The student will be able to reflect on these concepts, through exercises, journaling and reading assignments.
  3. (3) The student will be able to develop a concrete plan, applying the concepts of Introspection, in order to help achieve greater success and happiness, and to help reach life goals.