Investment Banking and Finance: Private Equity Finance

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Course Description

Jan 2021 Update :This course has undergone a transformational update adding over 7 hours of new and exclusive content!

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At the core of Investment Banking and Finance Fundamentals is the world of Private Equity Finance

This is how many on Wall Street and CEO's of companies make millions of dollars every year.

If you seeking to master Entrepreneurship Fundamentals or considering a career in Investment Banking or Private Equity, then this is a topic you need to master!

I have been working with Private Equity firms since 1988 and have done dozens of deals raising millions of dollars. I have been involved in deals where the principles walked away with hundreds of millions of dollars - each!

The objective of this Investment "Banking and Finance: Private Equity Finance" course is to share that insight into what Private Equity is all about!

In this course:

  • Discover the core concepts in Private Equity, a core Investment Banking skill required by any Wall Street analyst

  • Let me explain to you how Private Equity funds work

  • Discover the detailed Glossary of Terms and Definitions to help you master the terminology

  • We cover the Key Characteristics of Private Equity Firms

  • And help you to understand how you can find the right Private Equity Firm for your business

  • Of course, we cover how Private Equity Firms find their own deals too!

  • We discuss the Structuring of Private Equity deals

  • And Deal Value Creation and Key Metrics in Private Equity Finance

  • Understand what is meant by EBITDA and how to calculate it - Finance Fundamentals

  • Understand the difference between a Leveraged Buyout ( LBO ) and a Management Buyout ( MBO )

  • Understand the Private Equity Deal Process, step by step

  • And we walk through the critical issue of Due Diligence in Private Equity Deals

  • Valuation and Deal Pricing is covered

  • Discover how LBO Models are constructed in our comprehensive section (almost a course in its own right!)

  • We review Risks and Returns in Private Equity

  • The Exit Options for Private Equity Portfolio Companies are discussed

  • Then we dive into Trade Sales and M&A in the context of Private Equity Exits

  • And follow this up with a discussion of Initial Public Offerings or IPOs

  • We discuss the downside risk in Liquidation scenarios

  • And have a detailed discussion about "Why Startups fail?"

  • Finally we discuss how you measure Private Equity Fund Returns

This NINE hour course has over 100 lectures and over 90 downloadable resources

Don't walk into that interview under prepared! Do you homework on Private Equity first by enrolling and completing this course. Plus if you have any questions - post them in the course - I always do my best to answer them.

With 30 years experience of Investment Banking, you won't find a better qualified instructor to help you!

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Expected Outcomes

  1. Discover the core concepts in Private Equity, a core Investment Banking skill required by any Wall Street analyst
  2. Understand How Private Equity Funds work
  3. Discover and understand the Key Terminology in our Glossary and Definitions
  4. Gain an Investment Banking perspective on the Key Characteristics of Private Equity Firms
  5. Discover how to identify the right Private Equity firm for your business
  6. Understand how Private Equity Firms identify and source their deals
  7. Discover how to Structure a Private Equity Finance transaction
  8. Understand Deal Value Creation and Key Private Equity Metrics
  9. Understand the Private Equity Deal Process, step by step
  10. Discover the importance of Deal Due Diligence
  11. Understand Private Equity Deal Valuation and Pricing
  12. Work through the comprehensive LBO Modelling structure and framework
  13. Discover how to evaluate Risks and Returns in Private Equity Deals
  14. Understand Exit Scenarios, Trade Sales, M&A, IPOs, Liquidations and Recapitalisations
  15. Discover why some Startups fail
  16. Understand how to measure Private Equity Fund returns