iPhone Basics - Missing Instructions Manual for Seniors

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Course Description

You unboxed your iPhone and---"Where is the iPhone manual?!" Look no further! Your iPhone for Beginners Training Course is packed with over 2+ hours of iPhone tutorials from how to manage your contacts, email, calendar, notes, iCloud and more. I won't just teach you the basics of the iPhone, I'll show you how to master them.

iPhone tutorials includes answers to:

  • How to Setup and Use Email
  • How to Get Driving Directions
  • Using Siri as a Personal Assistant
  • Managing iCloud
  • Managing Your Calendar Schedule
  • ...And More!

If you're tired of asking family for help, then why not give this in-depth course a try where you can re-play videos as much as you want! Who knows, maybe you'll be able to teach them something they didn't know!

This course is guaranteed to teach you the basics. Purchase this course online now and let's get started!

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will feel comfortable using your iPhone and have a great experience with exploring apps and having fun---Finally!
  2. Have the confidence to navigate and manage apps on your iPhone