Is Your Child Dyslexic?

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Course Description

Learn everything you need to know about Dyslexia, how it affects your child’s learning, how to spot if they might have it, how to make sure that they get the right support from their school and how you can help your child at home with the precise problems that they might be experiencing. This course provides a comprehensive resource which you can refer to time and again as your child goes through school.

You will be in the best position to make sure your Dyslexic child gets all the support which is right for them, so that they can be happy and do well at school.

  • Understand what Dyslexia means for your child
  • Recognise the signs of possible Dyslexia
  • Learn how to approach the school
  • Understand how to help your child at home

A wide-ranging and comprehensive resource which gives you all the information you need to get the best for your child.

It can be very worrying if your child seems to be having difficulties learning at school, especially if this is making them unhappy. Some children find it hard right from their first day, others seem to suddenly develop difficulties later on.

You need a clear idea of what the problem might be and how to talk to their school about it so that they can get the help that they need. You also need to know how to support your child at home when they are struggling with homework tasks and reading.

Content and Overview

This course contains 19 easy to follow video lectures, each supported by clear bullet point notes and simple quizzes to help you make sure you have grasped the most important points.

You need no prior knowledge about how children learn or the education system; everything you do need is contained within the course. The only ‘qualification’ you need to have is to be concerned about a child who you think is, or might be, finding it hard to learn to read and write at school.

It is not just a course; it is a resource that you ca then use over and over again as your child reaches different stages of the education at school and has different needs. You can just refer to the part that you need at the time.

You will learn what the term ‘Dyslexia’ actually means and what it might mean for your child. You will be taken through the probable pathway of support that a school might provide, step by step, with advice along the way. You will understand how children typically learn to read and how Dyslexia might affect not only your child’s reading, but also their writing, spelling and Maths. So you will be able to really help your child because you understand where their problem lies. There is advice about whether to choose a private tutor and how to boost your child’s self esteem.

I created ‘Is Your Child Dyslexic?’ because I work with children who have Dyslexia and I understand the difficulties they face. I support their parents in dealing with the child’s school and also show them how they can best help their child at home. I have put all of my knowledge and experience into this course.

‘Is Your Child Dyslexic?’ will give you everything you need to be able to support your child.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Have a clear understanding of dyslexia
  2. Be able to identify if a child may be dyslexic
  3. Know how to support a child with reading a writing difficulties