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This course is for those that are interested in a career in IT Audit, Compliance, Governance, Risk and Controls (GRC), or Cybersecurity.  This course teaches the foundational principles that are needed for a successful career in the IT Audit and Compliance field.

This is a beginner level course for those that are new to IT Audit. However, the course is also valuable for those looking to refresh their basic knowledge about IT Audits.

This course teaches the practical aspects of conducting IT audits and is not focused on the CISA certification. CISA aspirants can still benefit from taking this course because they will learn and better understand basic IT Audit concepts in preparation for the exam.

Instructional Goal

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to perform IT controls testing for audits by properly identifying controls to test, developing adequate control testing procedures, selecting the appropriate sample size to test for each control, evaluating the design and operating effectiveness of each control, and concluding on the effectiveness of the controls.

Performance Objectives

During IT audit projects based on selected key controls, the IT auditor (course student) should be able to:

1. Select the correct sample size to test for each stated key control,

2. Evaluate the design and operating effectiveness of controls by identifying and performing adequate testing procedures, and

3. Conclude on the operating effectiveness of controls based on the testing results.

Learning Objective Activities

The 10 learning objective activities covered in this course reinforce the concepts presented in the course and link them to real activities that occur when performing IT audits.

Realistic Assessments

The course quizzes and assessments are based on real-world IT Audit control testing activities.

Regulatory Standards

This course also provides a good overview of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), PCI DSS, and SSAE18 regulatory standards.

Expected Outcomes

  1. In this course, students will:
  2. Learn the purpose of IT audits and why they are conducted
  3. Learn about controls, the different types of controls, and the importance of controls
  4. Learn about the types of control testing and testing techniques
  5. Learn how to perform IT controls testing to reach a testing conclusion
  6. Learn about some laws and regulatory standards governing audits