IT Foundations Lightning Skills Bundle Certificate

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Course Description

IT Foundations Lightning Skills Bundle Certificate

The IT Foundations Lightning Skills Bundle Certificate is the perfect way to brush up on your knowledge of computing-related topics. Alternatively, it’s the ideal method to gain an introduction to a wide array of computing topics. Through this course, you will have the chance to learn about the most important aspects of computing, focusing on both general skills and specific software. The two main areas covered in this course bundle:
  • General skills: The first area covered in this bundle takes more of a general look at some computing skills. These courses include Computer Maintenance, Intro to Cloud Computing and Testing Software. These courses will help you understand some of the basics behind computing or refresh your memory if you already have some prior knowledge.
  • Specific software: The bundle also introduces a number of specific tasks, software and skills in computing. Courses include Helpdesk Support Analyst, Intro to AWS, Intro to Gaining a CISCO Certification, Intro to IOT - Internet of Things, Intro to VOIP, Introduction to AutoCAD and IT Level 2. With these courses, you will learn new skills and be introduced to new software and terms in computing. The goal of this is to make sure you understand some of the major players in the world of computing - these will be useful in many situations and applications.

Why Take the IT Foundations Lightning Skills Bundle Certificate?

  • You will have access to 10 courses, each dedicated to giving you a comprehensive understanding of a different computing topic. By the end of this course bundle, you will be well-versed in several different areas of computing.
  • This course bundle is specifically organised to give you the best possible selection of computing courses. The bundle is designed to help you move forward in your computing skills and knowledge as quickly and efficiently as possible. There is no wasted time with this course bundle - you will learn the most important topics and move on with some valuable skills.
  • You will be able to deepen and focus on some skills that you already have. This course bundle isn’t just useful for people who are totally new to the world of computers and computing, it’s also great for anyone who wants a refresher on their knowledge, or a tangible way to prove that they have committed to self-development and learning new skills.
  • You will be able to improve your CV upon completion of this course bundle. This can help prove to potential employers that you not only have these skills but also that you are dedicated to learning new and valuable things.
  • In a world where nearly everything is done on the computer, being able to quickly and easily navigate the online world, as well as different software and platforms, is vital. This computing course will leave you with the ability to understand and use what goes on behind the scenes of your computer. Upon completion of this course, you will be confident in pursuing an IT or computing-related career, or simply just being able to diagnose your own personal computer issues! You will be adept at utilising your computer’s power without delving into the frustrations that sometimes come with it.

Why Take a Lighting Skills Course Bundle?

The IT Foundations Lightning Skills Bundle Certificate is the perfect way to get an introduction to the topic without dedicating a lot of time to studying, and you will receive a certificate on completion of the course. The course bundle gives you the opportunity to take one or two modules for each topic and gain a quick and valuable understanding of computing and useful related skills. The modules can each take as little as 5 minutes to study, so you can study a few at a time or choose to complete the whole course. The bundle is great for adding some extra lines to your CV, gaining new skills to use at work or checking out a new topic without totally diving into it and spending too much time on it. By selecting a course bundle of Lightning Skills, you’re able to get a full sense of computer maintenance and specific operations without the kind of time and effort involved with full-length courses. Overall, the IT Foundations Lightning Skills Bundle Certificate is chock full of useful skills and information. Each course includes a review worksheet and a test to ensure that you’ve absorbed the knowledge in each module. Not to mention, this bundle is designed to be moved through quickly. If you don’t have much time, this is the bundle for you. You can study as quickly or slowly as you like and still complete the bundle with valuable, important information to give you more confidence in your computing skills. You will expand your existing skills and have the chance to learn a wide array of brand-new abilities with the Computing Lightning Skills Course Bundle.